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Re: X11 - WindowMaker characters issues after update


Martin Husemann wrote:
This might be more pango fallout:

 "Using Harfbuzz for font loading means that we will lose support
 for bitmap and type1 fonts. We think this is an acceptable trade-off,
 but others might disagree. Note that Harfbuzz does support loading
 bitmap-only OpenType fonts."
Ouch - I was wondering where all the funny unicode encodings in firefox
came from...

Guess we should back out that update (or create alternatives).

indeed. After I wrote this mail, IO started noticing that I have those funny characters here and there alsdo in the browser, Seamonkey, Firefox.... just not everywhere.

I don't think it is an "acceptable trade-off", but maybe it can be mitigated.
I do use bitmap fonts, because I like them best on the screen, I guess Windowmaker here is using Helvetica?

Perhaps, however, an OpenType version of the fonts could be shipped/used/included ? just thinking.

Where is pango used: By windowmaker directly? or is it a dependency of a dependency?


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