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Re: built-in vs loadable modules and userconf

On Sat, 19 Oct 2019, John D. Baker wrote:

> I suppose also I can turn off autoconfig on the RAID before booting the
> test kernel (the config file is renamed so it won't be found by the
> 'rc' scripts).
> I have another machine with a local raidframe raid that I can test the
> procedure with when current tasks are completed.

Booting into userconf (boot -c) reveals no "raid*" anything of any kind,
so userconf can't be used to affect anything related to raidframe or the
raidN devices.

It seems that disabling autoconf on the RAID is all that is needed to
keep it from trying to do anything with any RAID component disks that
may be found.  Also booting single-user will be sufficient to observe
the behavior.

So, it seems the plan of action is to reboot the installed system
(8.1_STABLE) in single-user mode, turn off autoconfig on the RAID
and reboot the test kernel in single-user mode.  Then I can observe
the ahcisata behavior with respect to the RAID component disks without
having it try to configure and fail if any disks are not detected.

(The config file is renamed so the raidframe script won't find it,
but I can manually configure and re-enable autoconf when I'm done
testing.  I've done this on the auxiliary system.)

Just need to wait until I can quiesce the server for the experimental

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