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Re: built-in vs loadable modules and userconf

On Sat, 19 Oct 2019, John D. Baker wrote:

I'm curious to see if changes to ahci_sata code in -current fixes the
problem in PR kern/54289.  On the primary test machine I have it does

The only other machine to exhibit the problem is my file server using
RAIDframe.  I nearly lost the RAID booting a netbsd-9 kernel when half
of the disks failed to identify due the problem in the PR.

If I boot a -current kernel in userconf mode (boot -c) and disable the
built-in "raid" device, this should prevent the raid from trying to
configure and failing if the problem is still present.

I want to be sure that a disabled built-in module won't cause a loadable
module to be loaded and defeat the disabling of the built-in "raid" device.

Disabling the raid device in userconf doesn't disable the raidframe module. If the raidframe module is in your kernel, it can only be disabled after booting, using modunload(8).

Also note that disabling a built-in module does not allow you to load a different instance of that module. modload(8) will find the built-in module, and if you specify the -f option for modload it will re-enable the built-in module. (Without -f, modload will report an error.)

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