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Re: built-in vs loadable modules and userconf

On Sat, 19 Oct 2019, Paul Goyette wrote:

> > I want to be sure that a disabled built-in module won't cause a loadable
> > module to be loaded and defeat the disabling of the built-in "raid" device.
> Disabling the raid device in userconf doesn't disable the raidframe module.
> If the raidframe module is in your kernel, it can only be disabled after
> booting, using modunload(8).

All raidframe support is built-in on my kernel (includes GENERIC and
elides unnecessary/unwanted items).  If I disable all the raid* stuff,
won't that disable raidframe as well?

It's important that everything raidframe/raid related be disabled before
the kernel boots, or my RAID will be hosed again and I don't need that
level of stress.  I was lucky to recover it the first time (have
encountered a few damaged files since then).

> Also note that disabling a built-in module does not allow you to load a
> different instance of that module.  modload(8) will find the built-in module,

I think that means if I disable something via userconf, the on-disk
loadable module won't be loaded.

> and if you specify the -f option for modload it will re-enable the built-in
> module.  (Without -f, modload will report an error.)

I suppose I could whip up a custom kernel without the raidframe/raid
support in it, but it's crucial to keep the raidframe module from being
loaded if any disk is found with RAID autoconf support.

I suppose also I can turn off autoconfig on the RAID before booting the
test kernel (the config file is renamed so it won't be found by the
'rc' scripts).

I have another machine with a local raidframe raid that I can test the
procedure with when current tasks are completed.

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