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kern/54289 hosed my RAID. Recovery possible?

The SiI3214 SATALink card suffers from the identify problem in netbsd-9
and -current (PR kern/54289).

Booting a netbsd-9 kernel, the drives failed to identify which caused
RAIDframe to mark the 4 drives on that card (of 8) in my RAID as FAILED.
Rebooting netbsd-8, the drives identify properly, but are still marked as

Is there any way to unmark them so the raid will configure and recover?
Normally 'raidctl -C' is used during first time configuration. Could it
be used to force configuration, ignoring the FAILED status? Would the RAID
be recoverable with parity rebuild afterwards?


John D. Baker

Sorry for the poor (or lack of) formatting.  I've had to evacuate to my
ISP's web mail until this is sorted out (or I get my "oil lamps" in place).

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