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Re: kern/54289 hosed my RAID. Recovery possible?

	hello.  Yes, raidctl -C with the original config file that created the
raid, or one you faked up for the occasion, should get you going again.
Once you  configure the raid with raidctl -C, you can then run parity
checks and filesystem checks without a problem.  I've done this sort of
thing many times over the years.

On Aug 15, 12:03am, wrote:
} Subject: kern/54289 hosed my RAID.  Recovery =?UTF-8?Q?possible=3F?=
} The SiI3214 SATALink card suffers from the identify problem in netbsd-9
} and -current (PR kern/54289).
} Booting a netbsd-9 kernel, the drives failed to identify which caused
} RAIDframe to mark the 4 drives on that card (of 8) in my RAID as FAILED.
} Rebooting netbsd-8, the drives identify properly, but are still marked 
} as
} Is there any way to unmark them so the raid will configure and recover?
} Normally 'raidctl -C' is used during first time configuration. Could it
} be used to force configuration, ignoring the FAILED status?  Would the 
} be recoverable with parity rebuild afterwards?
} Thanks.
} John D. Baker
} Sorry for the poor (or lack of) formatting.  I've had to evacuate to my
} ISP's web mail until this is sorted out (or I get my "oil lamps" in 
} place).
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