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re: What to do with base X11 for netbsd-9 ?

> * (and other DRI drivers) being linked improperly. Missing
> libxcb symbol errors when loading libGL with dlopen, as a lot of OpenGL
> software seems inclined to do. I committed a workaround for this to SDL2
> the other day, as well as etlegacy. It's still a problem with software
> that uses libepoxy.

are there PRs about this?  we should fix the base ..

> * Certain programs that use OpenGL contexts can make the X server
> segfault when they exit. Reproducable by compiling retroarch with
> the x11+opengl options, starting and exiting it.

one should be able to get a real core by either attaching gdb
after X starts or turn off trapsignals - in the ServerFlags section
of xorg.conf have this line:

   Option "NoTrapSignals" "true"

then we can find the crash location and fix it..



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