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Re: What to do with base X11 for netbsd-9 ?

> [*] i wonder if a hack to make to force a lower parallism for
> some subdirs would help these systems.  eg:
> and the (new) .MAKE.PARALLEL would set the -jN value for this
> sub-make, allowing other sub-makes to be run concurrently,
> but only N in llvm.

That sounds reasonable.  Some random thoughts that I don't think deserve
to be taken entirely seriously.

I wonder if a simpler scheme would be good enough, which is that if
MAKE_HUGE_NO_PARALLEL is defined, use -j1 for things that use more than
typical resources.

What's unclear to me is how the changing of -j interacts when there
seems to be some attempt to parcel out the total jobs.  I suppose the
llvm jobs could be counted as N, for -jN -- which perhaps represents
what's going on well.

Ideally, we would perhaps have a way to have a -J which is in terms of
MB of working set, instead of #jobs.  ENOPATCH, I know.

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