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Re: failing to clone fossil netbsd src repository

On Sun, May 19, 2019 at 08:34:44PM +0300, Andrius V wrote:
> Hello,
> Is there anybody successfully using fossil repository of NetBSD source
> ( Some time ago I started to get errors
> on fetching which I though there were my environment issues, so I just
> switched to git repo at that time. Recently I decided to try fossil
> repo again but I am failing even to clone it. It gets "stuck" at 75.3%
> of rebuilding repository meta-data, at this point fossil file starts
> to grow indefinitely till disk size limit is reached (I had over 300
> GB free before cloning was started) and process fails. It makes an
> impression that something is infinitely looping around at that point.
> Could it be that fossil repository is broken or can it be potentially
> a fossil bug? Or does it really just need some huge amount of disk
> memory to rebuild this meta data? Thank you.

Do you have a separate file system for /tmp? At least for the vacuum, it
will by default use space in that. The sqlite database currently grows
to 18GB during the initial clone, don't have numbers for the transaction
log right now. That said, my file system had less than 180GB free :)


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