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failing to clone fossil netbsd src repository


Is there anybody successfully using fossil repository of NetBSD source
( Some time ago I started to get errors
on fetching which I though there were my environment issues, so I just
switched to git repo at that time. Recently I decided to try fossil
repo again but I am failing even to clone it. It gets "stuck" at 75.3%
of rebuilding repository meta-data, at this point fossil file starts
to grow indefinitely till disk size limit is reached (I had over 300
GB free before cloning was started) and process fails. It makes an
impression that something is infinitely looping around at that point.
Could it be that fossil repository is broken or can it be potentially
a fossil bug? Or does it really just need some huge amount of disk
memory to rebuild this meta data? Thank you.

Fossil messages below up:

Round-trips: 1131   Artifacts sent: 0  received: 2792910
Clone done, sent: 300698  received: 13923678022  ip:
Rebuilding repository meta-data...
  75.3% complete...
SQLITE_FULL(13): statement aborts at 13: [UPDATE blob SET
size=16632474 WHERE rid=2552163] database or disk is full
SQL: UPDATE blob SET size=16632474 WHERE rid=2552163
SQL: SELECT rid, size FROM blob /*scan*/ WHERE NOT EXISTS(SELECT 1
FROM shun WHERE uuid=blob.uuid)   AND NOT EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM delta
WHERE rid=blob.rid)
Database error: database or disk is full: {UPDATE blob SET
size=16632474 WHERE rid=2552163}
SQLITE_ERROR(1): statement aborts at 1: [ROLLBACK] cannot rollback -
no transaction is active

Andrius V

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