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Re: X Window issues

On 12.05.2019 08:09, Martin Husemann wrote:
> On Sat, May 11, 2019 at 11:25:42PM +0100, Chavdar Ivanov wrote:
>> There is definitely some recent problem with the new Intel driver. A few
>> days ago, still under 8.99.37, it worked very well for me (Intel 530).
>> glmark2 completed with no problems, videos were played as expected by
>> Firefox 66.0.3 etc. Today, under just built 8.99.39 - past the
>> introduction of the old Intel 2014 driver (but of course I am using the
>> new one), videos start playing for a couple of seconds then continue to
>> stutter and freeze, glmark2 ran OK twice, but once it killed the X
>> server, I am also getting a lot of messages like:
> This is a new audio issue, there is a PR about it.
> Martin

My observations are not related to audio.

With the older laptop, I keep observing quick X crashes after startup.
This happens with 8.99.39 and Intel 2014. There is no specific action or
program to trigger the crash. It's random.

Using new Intel driver causes very slow startup (like 15 minutes?
sometimes longer) until some timeouts will expire, but X is in general
stable as long as I'm not using any hardware gpu features. Using hw
acceleration causes either application crash, X crash or instant
computer reset.

Audio with 8.99.39 is stable for me.

On my new laptop, I have just tested newer Intel driver and it is
tolerable ("splashes" for changes on the screen, typing text; hw output
in mpv seems to be usable). X crashes when attempting to start Opera.

I can perform any debugging after BSDCan. Hopefully my X won't crash
during the presentations.

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