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Re: Hints for Bananapi and -current

Am Mi., 8. Mai 2019 um 00:51 Uhr schrieb Jason Thorpe <>:
> > On May 7, 2019, at 2:37 PM, Jared McNeill <> wrote:
> >
> > On Tue, 7 May 2019, Markus Kilbinger wrote:
> >
> >> - I was not able to bootarm.efi this kernel from its local ffs2 (!)
> >> netbsd partition on the sdcrad. Is bootarm.efi limited to ffs1?
> >
> > It uses ffs support from libsa, so I would expect it to work (but can't say that I have tried it on armv7).
> ...and it looks like ffsv2 is in the fs ops table in efiboot, so... *boggle*


1. I had to disklabel(8) my sdcard (was just fdisk-ed before) to make
bootarm.efi successfully find the kernel on its ffsv2 partition.
W/should be gpt-ing it sufficient, too?

2. Played with bootarm.efi (stored on sdcard) on my cubietruck and a
connected gpt-ed sata disk: u-boot seems to detect it as scsi disk, I
had to "scsi scan" before it and its partitions would be correctly
detected for / by bootarm.efi.
I managed to make bootarm.efi boot from the recognised sata disk by
setting manually "dev hd0b" at its boot prompt (defaults to the sdcard
After tons of
  CACHE: Misaligned operation at range [bf4cdb70, bf4d1b70]
 messages it finally loaded the kernel from the harddisks ffsv2
partition ("hd0b" aka "dk1") and booted successfully into NetBSD :-).
2.1 How to get rid of the "CACHE..." messages?
2.2 How to instruct bootarm.efi to boot automatically from a
non-standard / -default device / partition?

Regards, Markus.

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