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Re: Hints for Bananapi and -current

Am Di., 7. Mai 2019 um 12:17 Uhr schrieb Jared McNeill <>:
> [...]
> Now on to the modern boot method..
> Using U-Boot 2018.11 or later, setup a FAT partition with the following files on it:
>   EFI/BOOT/bootarm.efi
>   your-fdt-file.dtb
> U-Boot will automatically launch the UEFI bootloader and you will be presented with a countdown timer. bootarm will load a native ELF kernel (by default /netbsd) from the first FFS partition on the same drive that the loader came from. In addition, bootarm passes information about where to find the root device to the kernel automatically, so you shouldn’t need to specify a root= option. GENERIC and GENERIC64 kernels are setup to automatically use fb when available, so console=fb is also no longer required.

Great news!
It tried / played with that on my bananapro with some limited success:

- I just managed to boot successfully a netbsd elf kernel via network
/ pxe. (How to disable / reorder pxe booting?)

- I was not able to bootarm.efi this kernel from its local ffs2 (!)
netbsd partition on the sdcrad. Is bootarm.efi limited to ffs1?

- In case of a connected sata disk: Is it possible to directly boot
from that via bootarm.efi (or specify explicitly a boot device)?

Once the kernel is found and loaded everything seems to run fine!

Regards, Markus.

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