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Re: Hints for Bananapi and -current

> On May 7, 2019, at 4:54 PM, Andrew Luke Nesbit <> wrote:
> This is a really great thread, which I am enjoying very much.
> I don't use any  BPi because I am a user of Orange Pi (especially the
> OPi+2E).
> But considering they are very close in architecture and use
> (essentially) the same SoC, I would imagine that a lot of the
> information  in this thread would be at least somewhat applicable to any
> OPi that uses the Allwinner H3.
> Would I be correct in framing my re-interpretation of this discussion in
> this way?

Yah, you're pretty much correct.

(Note: Not all BPIs use AllWinner SoCs... there's at least one that uses a Mediatek SoC and at least one that uses a Realtek SoC.)

-- thorpej

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