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Re: README: gcc 7 switch coming to a port near you!

On Thu, 07 Feb 2019 22:27:58 +1100, matthew green <>

> if you'd like to test now from -current, build a clean tree
> with -V HAVE_GCC=7.  it should just work..

How clean is "clean tree"?  I'm simply performing a non-update build
into objdir last populated by a previous update build (w/o HAVE_GCC=7).

I'm getting the following failure (amd64-8.0_STABLE host):

--- cleandir-external ---
--- cleandir-lib ---
cleandir ===> external/bsd/pkg_install/lib
--- cleandir-external ---
nbmake[7]: "/x/current/src/external/bsd/pkg_install/lib/../" line 16: Malformed conditional (defined(HAVE_GCC) && ${HAVE_GCC} == 7 && ${ACTIVE_CC} == "gcc")

I see a number of Makefile* files with this idiom, but this is the only
one it's tripping on (so far).  I don't see what it thinks is malformed
about it.  Manually nuking the affected objdir sub-tree doesn't affect
the result.

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