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Re: cvs init

Patrick Welche <> writes:

> $ cd /tmp
> $ mkdir foo
> $ cvs -d /tmp/foo init
> cvs [init aborted]: init to an existing repository is restricted to members of the group cvsadmin
> $ grep cvsadmin /etc/group 
> $
> I thought that if the cvsadmin group didn't exist on the system, this
> restriction would be completely ignored? (according to "cvs admin" command -
> no mention of it being applicable at all to "cvs init")

I just did "cvs -d /tmp/foo init" without creating foo first, and it
worked fine (netbsd-8).

The error is about running init on an *existing* repository.

I don't see that rerunning init on a repo that exists is something
anybody really wants to do, and if they do why using rm first is a real

As for the man page omission, maybe see if the bug is in upstream and
file a bug with them ;-) ?

We could change the code to just not allow init of an existing dir at

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