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Re: Failure to build "current" emacs from pkgsrc on current

Hello Greg, Andreas and Riccardo,

Leonardo Taccari writes:
> [...]
> I have just added it to, please let me know if that
> fixes the problem you have reported! (just a `make replace' in
> emacs or any other problematic package should be enough to test
> that)
> [...]

(More information was appended to PR pkg/53688 opened by Andreas
but I will try to summarize all possible details here too for
completeness, TLDR; emacs25-25.3nb10 and emacs26-26.1nb3 should
now works properly.)

Despite the change was needed it didn't solve the
problem originally reported by Riccardo.

Maya suggested to pass `-Wl,--verbose' to get more details about
the linking failures (by adding them to src/Makefile in `temacs$(EXEEXT):'
target) and indeed this pointed out the following: needed by .../pkgsrc/editors/emacs25/work/.buildlink/lib/
  found at /usr/X11R7/lib/

Inspecting the corresponding lines in work.log I have noticed that there
were extra and early `-Wl,-rpath,/usr/X11R7/lib' flags. 
The emacs configure script was injecting them on NetBSD and OpenBSD.

The patch applied just comment out that part that is handled by
pkgsrc in configure{,.ac}.

Sorry again for breaking them and please let me know if you find
any regression.

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