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Re: Failure to build "current" emacs from pkgsrc on current

Andreas Gustafsson <> writes:

> Riccardo Mottola wrote:
>> while doing a full update with today's pkgsrc con current, I get:
> [..]
>> /usr/pkgsrc/editors/emacs26/work/.buildlink/lib/ undefined 
>> reference to `epoxy_has_glx'
> I believe this is a pkgsrc-current issue and not a NetBSD-current nor
> emacs-current issue, because I'm also getting the "undefined reference
> to `epoxy_has_glx'" when I try to build emacs25 after I updated pkgsrc
> (but not the OS) on a NetBSD 8.0/amd64 system.

Thanks - so this is almost certainly not a stray .h issue on Riccardo's

> Also, I tried to reproduce the problem by building emacs25 on a
> freshly installed NetBSD-current system with no pre-existing
> packages, but there it built successfully.

And did it build libepoxy in this case?

[very fuzzy] This suggests that libepoxy is sometimes used if present in
an inconsistent way, perhaps due to shadowing of includes.

> On the 8.0 system where the emacs25 build fails, has
> a reference to epoxy_has_glx:
>   $ nm /usr/pkg/lib/|grep epoxy_has_glx
>                    U epoxy_has_glx
>                    U epoxy_has_glx_extension
>   $
> Adding -Wl,--verbose to the emacs25 link line, I see that it's
> trying to link libepoxy from /usr/X11R7/lib:
> needed by /usr/pkgsrc/editors/emacs25/work/.buildlink/lib/
>   found at /usr/X11R7/lib/
> which does not define expoxy_has_glx.

On my -7 system, there is no libepoxy in /usr/X11R7.   That probably
explains why I don't see this.

On my -8 system, there is libepoxy in /usr/X11R7 which defines
epoxy_has_glx_extension but not epoxy_has_glx.

> On the -current system where the emacs25 build succeeds,
> does not have a reference to epoxy_has_glx:
>   $ nm /usr/pkg/lib/|grep epoxy_has_glx
>                    U epoxy_has_glx_extension
>   $

> I have no X11_TYPE definition in mk.conf, being of the firm conviction
> that the default settings need to work.

Agreed.  Really both need to work.

It seems that there are perhaps different headers and in the bad case
the header with epoxy_has_glx is picked up but the lib without it is

-8 has 1.3.1, and pkgsrc 1.4.3

So to resolve:

  - I realize libepoxy is in different paths, but the shlib major is 0
    in both cases, yet they define differenet symbols.  That seemed
    wrong at first, but pkgsrc has the extra and is newer, so it's not
    actually wrong.

  - We don't have a good way to force using the pkg vs native version of
    many libs separately due to how

  - I don't see a for epoxy.  Adding one may finesse the
    issue by having the base version be good enough and thus have the
    pkg version not installed.

  - we could add the symbol to base, or upgrade base epoxy.  That's just
    barely allowed, since the shlib major isn't changing.

  - we could patch gtk3 to not use it, even if present, if it doesn't
    add anything important.

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