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Re: Failure to build "current" emacs from pkgsrc on current

Hello Andreas, Greg and Riccardo,

Andreas Gustafsson writes:
> Greg, Riccardo,
> Please disregard the parts of my earlier mail that pertained to
> tests run under NetBSD-current.  I had missed the fact that
> is only
> regenerated weekly, and accidentally tested using a pkgsrc.tar.gz
> that was five days old and still had gtk+-3.22.30.nb3 rather than
> gtk+-3.24.1.
> I will rerun my test and report the new results in a pkgsrc PR,
> since current-users is not really the right forum for this.
> [...]

I am probably responsable for breaking it when updating it to
3.24.1, sorry!

gtk+-3.24.1 needs libepoxy>=1.4 and that requirements was specified
via BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.libepoxy in pkgsrc/x11/gtk3/Makefile.
However, I have accidentally forgotten to add t in
pkgsrc/x11/gtk3/ too.

I have just added it to, please let me know if that
fixes the problem you have reported! (just a `make replace' in
emacs or any other problematic package should be enough to test

Sorry again and thank you for your patience and analysis of the

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