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Re: "" not found

On Tue, Oct 02, 2018 at 11:08:57PM +0700, Robert Elz wrote:
>     Date:        Tue, 2 Oct 2018 11:24:14 +0000
>     From:
>     Message-ID:  <>
>   | > src xz's configure is picking up gawk. Surprised given tools...
>   |
>   | This might be a valid way to get tool awk used, assuming xz is built
>   | after awk. Totally untested.
> That';s only a small part of it, the xz configure script (which ideally would 
> not be used at all) doesn't understand objdirs, and fails miserably with a
> read only src directory.

I have no idea what you are talking about. The configure script is used
during tools build because we hardly know what the build host wants. The
regular xz build system (incl. configure) is perfectly willing to do
out-of-source builds. A read-only src directory certainly works fine
here, i.e. doing a ro-null mount.


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