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Re: Crash related to VLANs in Oct 18th -current

On 23/10/2017 11:28, Tom Ivar Helbekkmo wrote:
> Has something changed that makes dhcpcd now insist on listening to all
> interfaces (including the 802.1q trunk)?

I will try and improve the logic so it's only the relevant interfaces.
The change was made to allow IP address sharing on many interfaces via
DHCP without actually removing the IP address from the non active
This might have been over-zealous on my part.

> Can I make it not do that?

Currently not, no.
Hopefully I can change it so that no toggle for it is needed.

> Oh, and I notice that IPv6 generates a local address on wm0, as on
> everything else.  That just looks weird on an 802.1q trunk.  Is there a
> way to make it not do that?

I don't know anything about 802.1q trunks.
How can I tell that it is one, and why shouldn't it have a local address?

> # cat /etc/ifconfig.wm0
> up
> media 100baseTX mediaopt full-duplex
> ip4csum tcp4csum udp4csum
> # ifconfig wm0
> wm0: flags=0x8843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> mtu 1500
>         capabilities=2bf80<TSO4,IP4CSUM_Rx,IP4CSUM_Tx,TCP4CSUM_Rx>
>         capabilities=2bf80<TCP4CSUM_Tx,UDP4CSUM_Rx,UDP4CSUM_Tx,TCP6CSUM_Tx>
>         capabilities=2bf80<UDP6CSUM_Tx>
>         enabled=3f00<IP4CSUM_Rx,IP4CSUM_Tx,TCP4CSUM_Rx,TCP4CSUM_Tx>
>         enabled=3f00<UDP4CSUM_Rx,UDP4CSUM_Tx>
>         ec_capabilities=7<VLAN_MTU,VLAN_HWTAGGING,JUMBO_MTU>
>         ec_enabled=3<VLAN_MTU,VLAN_HWTAGGING>
>         address: 00:13:72:f7:00:06
>         media: Ethernet 100baseTX full-duplex
>         status: active
>         inet6 fe80::213:72ff:fef7:6%wm0/64 flags 0x0 scopeid 0x1
> Which VLAN is that IPv6 address on, anyway?  :)

No idea.
It's the address belonging to wm0 interface.
See my earlier query.

Even if dhcpcd is not used, if IPv6 is enabled in the kernel and
auto-link local is set for the interface (which it is by default and it
looks like you've not disabled it in ifconfig.wm0) then you would get
this address anyway.


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