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Re: Crash related to VLANs in Oct 18th -current

Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <> writes:

> That did the trick!  Thank you!  :)

I'm actually wondering if there may be something else strange going on.
Everything works fine -- but I have this dhcpcd running, because one of
my VLANs is connected to a network where this machine has to accept a
DHCP provisioned IP address from a server.  I run "dhcpcd -q vlan9", and
also give it a configuration file that should keep it from doing
anything I don't want:

allowinterfaces vlan9
interface vlan9
nohook resolv.conf, wpa_supplicant, hostname, ntp.conf
script /usr/bin/true

However, after this last upgrade, I keep getting messages from dhcpcd
about other interfaces, where this host is the DHCP server, like:

Oct 22 16:48:28 barsoom dhcpcd[16236]: vlan2: invalid UDP packet from
Oct 22 16:48:28 barsoom dhcpcd[16236]: wm0: invalid UDP packet from

This happens every time a host on one of the other VLANs gets an address
from the local DHCP server, and I get this pair of messages; one for the
VLAN in question, one for wm0, which is the vlanif with the trunk on it.

Running 8.99.1 from about two months ago, these messages did not occur.

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