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I'm sorry for late replying.

On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 8:53 AM, Brian Buhrow <> wrote:
>         hello Ryota San.  Thank you for your detailed response.  Yes, I'm
> interested in using NetBSD as a router.  We use NetBSD-5 as router
> devices and find it quite reliable, but for higher speed applications,
> we're running into the cpu0 takes all interrupts bottleneck.  I can't
> promise to deliver anything in a timely manner, but I can look at the
> agr(4) driver and see if I can MP-ify it.

My co-worker would also work on MP-ification of agr in a few months.
Of course your help still welcome for us :)

> Are there any notes in English
> describing the basic procedures for MP-ifying a driver? I've done a bit of
> it for drivers under NetBSD-5, so it's not completely foreign to me.

My presentation at BSDCan 2017 includes rough procedures:

There is no detailed documentation for MP-ification. You still need to
reference source codes and change logs of existing MP-safe components
such as gif(4) and l2tp(4) to know how to MP-ify a component.

>         We also use pf(4) extensively.  Unfortunately, npf(4) doesn't have all
> the functionality we need to implement the configurations we use.
> Consequently, it may be necessary to MP-ify pf(4) as well, as I suspect
> that's easier than implementing its functionality in npf(4).

Personally I recommend to extend nfp because it's already MP-safe
and maintained better than pf and ipf, but MP-ifying pf is welcome


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