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	hello Ryota San.  Thank you for your detailed response.  Yes, I'm
interested in using NetBSD as a router.  We use NetBSD-5 as router
devices and find it quite reliable, but for higher speed applications,
we're running into the cpu0 takes all interrupts bottleneck.  I can't
promise to deliver anything in a timely manner, but I can look at the
agr(4) driver and see if I can MP-ify it.  Are there any notes in English
describing the basic procedures for MP-ifying a driver? I've done a bit of
it for drivers under NetBSD-5, so it's not completely foreign to me.
	We also use pf(4) extensively.  Unfortunately, npf(4) doesn't have all
the functionality we need to implement the configurations we use.
Consequently, it may be necessary to MP-ify pf(4) as well, as I suspect
that's easier than implementing its functionality in npf(4).

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