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NetBSD with a gaming keyboard

Greetings dear readers!

For reasons mainly around frustration with FreeBSD, I decided to give
NetBSD another shot. I had a look at NetBSD a while back because I was
setting up a new server at the time. I opted to stay with FreeBSD then,
because after looking at the RAIDframe and ZFS in more detail (I hadn't
used either before at the time), ZFS seemed like the better (and easier)
solution for me at the time.

If anyone cares to know, I suppose I can write down a few of the
"milestones" that has me looking around again. BTW. is there actually a
place where I should post that on these lists?


I installed NetBSD on Tuesday evening, which wasn't quite as painless as
I had hoped. My main problem currently is with my keyboard. For years I
had an IBM Model-M, which I loved and never wanted to give up. An new
computer forced me to give it up though because the new MoBo doesn't
have a PS/2 port. :-/ I'm not *that* much into gaming, but I do a lot of
typing (programming, writing documentation etc.) so I do like a good
keyboard. My decision fell on a Corsair K70 with Cherry MX blue
switches. Yeah, I like a noisy keyboard too. :-) This time around, I
wanted a backlit keyboard, because I tend to spend a lot of time more or
less in the dark.

NetBSD doesn't seem to like this keyboard. If it is not set to BIOS
mode, NetBSD does not register a single pressed key. However, as soon as
I set it to BIOS mode, I can type.

A message I get while booting up is:
ukbd1: attrach failed, too many modifier keys

Note also that the keyboard is recognized at least three times during
bootup. And it works fine unter FreeBSD and Linux...

Has anyone gotten this to work in the past?

Best regards,

P.S. Sorry for the TL:DR BTW. :-)

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