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Re: CVS commit: src

On 08/09/17 23:06, Swift Griggs wrote:
On Wed, 9 Aug 2017, Brian Buhrow wrote:
SCO was pretty much pure SVR3, so noting that COMPAT_IBCS2 implements SVR3 functionality is pretty much correct. Is anyone still using it?

I used it back-in-the day. I'm probably running some of the oldest Unix variants and versions you'll run across. Also, where I work we support legacy Unix platforms and we don't have any more SCO clients.

In my view "it's dead Jim". If we want to emulate a platform for Oracle, I'd think the method dejour today would be Linux emulation.

Nowadays, I find that Unixware is a lot more interesting (free VxVM anyone?) than SCO ever was. As you say, it was pretty much straight SysV without many cool bells or whistles.

I also find SCO super-annoying now because it's so disagreeable about it's licenses. It's tough to be more annoying than Tru64 about licenses, but SCO manages. I know IT shouldn't be personal, but after we all watched their public demise then Zombie SCO suing every FOSS company they could left ashes in my mouth, personally.

I'm not anyone important in TNF, but I am a longtime user and user of other platforms (SCO included) and my vote is to kill it and reduce the kernel code size. :-)

I think the real question is, is someone still using old iBCS closed source software and relying on it.


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