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Re: CVS commit: src

Someone recently tried pkgsrc on SCO OpenServer5. I'm pretty new so I
haven't heard of these operating systems before. It was an interesting

pkgsrc/bootstrap/README.OpenServer5 has the instructions.

You start with the all-shiny GCC 2.99.3, patched. then use it to build
a patched GCC 4.2, which is the last version to support SCO/x86.

(GCC 4.8 is almost the minimum version for an acceptable pkgsrc
experience, as C++11 is pretty widespread)

After the GCC hurdle, be sure to replace rm with a version that supports
deleting files over 2GB. when I looked up what is wrong with it, I
found this remarkable response, suggesting that for the sake of
compatibility, it shouldn't be fixed, or anything, ever.
(Spoiler alert from the next message: it wasn't because of compat)

So, it's not just SCO, but that was my first impression of the system. I
find it really hard to believe this system can run anything currently

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