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Re: NetBSD-current amd64 with dhcpcd connects only partially

from Thor Lancelot Simon:

> On Tue, Jun 13, 2017 at 09:20:24PM +0000, Thomas Mueller wrote:

> > I don't run dhcpcd or anything like that from /etc/rc.conf but ran
> > dhcpcd -dM re0 :
> It appears dhcpcd sends DISCOVER messages for a full minute and receives
> no responses.  Are you sure the DHCP server is OK?

With NetBSD, sometimes dhcpcd works, sometimes dhclient works, sometimes neither.

FreeBSD uses dhclient, which works when the driver is OK (re or rsu).

DHCP server is an Arris cable modem which incorporates a router (part of the same device, leased from Time Warner Cable, now Charter under the brand name Spectrum.

System Rescue CD Linux uses DHCP, connects automatically upon booting.

Knowing how to configure the Ethernet directly, without dhcpcd/dhclient is useful.

When I update by building from source and test-boot the new kernel, if dhcpcd doesn't work right, I will be able to try direct configuration, and if that works, continue with the installworld part.


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