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Re: NetBSD-current amd64 with dhcpcd connects only partially

from Robert Elz:

>   | Do you really mean netstat -nrf inet4 , or should that be inet?
> Roy meant the latter.  (That weird inconsistency is annoying, we should
> support "inet4" as an alias to "inet" everywhere.  But we don't...)

>   | Now if I knew what options/parameters to tweak, I could try again in NetBSD.
> The point is that until you actually tell us what is happening ("doesn't
> work" and "cannot connect to the internet" is not what is happening, it
> is what is not happening) no-one can guess what the problem might be.
> So look and see what netstat -nrf inet produces on NetBSD on the system
> that is having problems (though a "closely related Realtek Ethernet chip,"
> isn't necessarily automatically going to be properly supported by the driver,
> so knowing just what that is might be important too.)

> Whether the output shows a default route, and whether resolv.conf has the
> correct nameserver values (and the state of the re interfae, so include
> output from
>         ifconfig re0
> as well) should help a bit in findong out what is happening.  Output from
> "arp -n" also provides a clue sometimes.
> kre

I tried again with dhcpcd and did worse, then did directly (after ps -aux and killing job number for dhcpcd)

ifconfig re0 inet netmask 
route add default

and then was successful with "host"

and even 
lynx  (just for testing)

I was even able to update FreeBSD ports tree (with svn) and netbsd-HEAD src tree (with cvs).

Using dhcpcd or dhclient makes me rusty on directly setting internet interface; any suggestions for improvement on what I did are welcome.

But directly configuring internet interface uncripples an otherwise crippled NetBSD installation.

I think I could also have expressed netmask as 0xffffff00 or ...inet ?


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