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dhcpcd.conf, ntp_servers, and RCS ID?

The recent import of newer versions of the dhcpcd software has changed
some behaviors.

In the past, the default "dhcpcd.conf" included "option ntp_servers".
The current default has this commented out.

I was therefore surprised when my machines running -current reported
"No association IDs returned" when running 'ntpq -p'.  (My "/etc/ntp.conf"
has commented out the default servers in favor of getting them via DHCP
or explicitly using my local NTP servers.)

No problem, uncomment the option.

It then turns out that "dhcpcd.conf" no-longer bears an RCS ID.  As
such, changes made will be flagged when 'etcupdate' is run, even with
the "-l" option.

Perhaps these items could be restored?  At least restore the RCS ID so
I won't get bugged about enabling "option ntp_servers".

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