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Re: disabling mediaopts for if_wm(4)

With no manual media or mediaopt setting at all -- just the default
settings, full-auto, I see 100-full negotiated (with media options
flowcontrol, rxpause, txpause) but still see 3-5Mb/sec performance?


I also did a tcpdump while the speed-test was running, and saw lots
of TCP SACK options, so I'm guessing that packets are getting dropped.
Someone said that the wm(4) driver might not handle flow-control well,
so tomorrow I'm going to "borrow" a re(4) from another decommissioned
machine to see if it works any better.

FWIW, the re(4) situation is worse - very much worse!

The re(4) negotiates 100BaseTX with no mediaopts at all, neither full nor half, and no flow-control.

It took a couple of minutes before dhcpcd could configure the interface and even then it was almost totally unusable. The speedtest site could not connect to its servers, and I couldn't even do a dns lookup (using the google 8.8.8.{4,8} servers).

I'm also now running 7.99.71 and wm(4) has not improved.

So I guess I'm going to need a different switch.

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