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Re: dk wedges vs netbsd -current

On Saturday 2017-04-01 08:35 +0200, Martin Husemann output:
:On Sat, Apr 01, 2017 at 05:31:20PM +1100, Geoff Wing wrote:
:> The system installed as an old MBR (+63 sector) system.
:>  It did not add any dk stuff for /etc/fstab.
:>  It did NOT leave room to add the dk stuff at the start of the hard drive, so
:>   you cannot do "dkscan_bsdlabel" stuff on it and add bootloaders.
:>  -current does not have lots of the DKWEDGE_METHOD_* stuff in it so you cannot
:>   boot a new kernel on it.
:Sorry, but I fail to parse most of this.
:You are talking about GPT, not dk(4) or something?
:You can use dk(4) with MBR or any other on-disk format.

You can.  Boot any -current GENERIC kernel without those options.
Look at them fail to find all the dk(4) stuff (because it's installed
with pre-dk(4) stuff) and fail to boot.

:Not sure what you mean with new kernel or doing dkscan_bsdlabel/add 

I'm not sure what you mean here.  I presume you understand the purpose
of dkscan_bsdlabel(8).  I also presume you understand the commented out
DKWEDGE_METHOD_* stuff.  If you've never added dk wedge info onto the
disk (e.g. during a 7.1 install) where do you think it will come from?

:Maybe you can rephrase your question, there might be some assumptions in it
:that better be spelled out explicitly.

Install NetBSD 7.1 (i386) from CD/USB.
Put in -current.

That's it.

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