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dk wedges vs netbsd -current

I reinstalled an old i386 hardware server with 7.1 a couple of weeks ago.
Still going strong with a 19 year old Quantum Fireball SE4.3A HD.

The system installed as an old MBR (+63 sector) system.
 It did not add any dk stuff for /etc/fstab.
 It did NOT leave room to add the dk stuff at the start of the hard drive, so
  you cannot do "dkscan_bsdlabel" stuff on it and add bootloaders.
 -current does not have lots of the DKWEDGE_METHOD_* stuff in it so you cannot
  boot a new kernel on it.

Where is the philosophy of least-surprise going with this?

Hopefully we can have more DKWEDGE_METHOD* compatibility shivs in, given we
also compile with things like COMPAT_* for whatever old binaries lie around.


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