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Re: Running into unknown user errors while building -current for the Rasberry Pi

	hello.  thanks for the feedback.  The earlier post about looking at
the mtree source code gave a clue about what to do.  The build is running
as root and not in a chrooted environment.  So, mtree is doing lookups
against the host's password and group files.  My uid for user postgres was
the same as for the build environment's user games.  While I contend that
shouldn't matter and the cross build environment should be completely
independent of the host environment, an immediate fix is to fix the uid for
games on the host system and see what happens.  So, that's what I did and
I'm re-running the build.  It takes several hours to get to that error, so
I won't know if that fixes the problem for a while, but I think it probably
I'll let folks know if  that does it.


On Dec 29, 10:22am, Lloyd Parkes wrote:
} Subject: Re: Running into unknown user errors while building -current for 
} Hi Brian,
} Can you provide the snippet of the log from a build with -N 2 that shows =
} the command line for nbmakefs? If you have trouble coming up with a log =
} small enough for you to feel comfortable cross-posting, feel free to =
} email it to me directly, or use something like pastebin.
} nbmakefs should have an option passed to it =E2=80=9C-F =
} mtree-specfile=E2=80=9D that which will be =E2=80=9Cthe specification=E2=80=
} =9D that the error message is referring to, and looking at line 7774 =
} should give some clue about what might have gone wrong.
} It would be interesting to see if an unprivileged build (with -U and not =
} as root) exhibits the same error.
} Cheers,
} Lloyd

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