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Re: Running into unknown user errors while building -current for the Rasberry Pi

Hi Brian,
Can you provide the snippet of the log from a build with -N 2 that shows the command line for nbmakefs? If you have trouble coming up with a log small enough for you to feel comfortable cross-posting, feel free to email it to me directly, or use something like pastebin.

nbmakefs should have an option passed to it “-F mtree-specfile” that which will be “the specification” that the error message is referring to, and looking at line 7774 should give some clue about what might have gone wrong.

It would be interesting to see if an unprivileged build (with -U and not as root) exhibits the same error.


> On 29/12/2016, at 8:26 AM, Brian Buhrow <> wrote:
> 	Hello.  I'm sure this problem is pilot error on my part, but I'm
> having trouble figuring out where the build process is picking up the user
> postgres in the destination build environent.  
> I'm hosting the build on a NetBSD-5.2/i386 system.  The build command looks
> like:
> ./ -D /var/tmp/netbsd-rpi -O /usr/local/netbsd/obj-rpi -j 4 -m evbarm -a earmv7hf release
> 	I'm almost all the way through the build process, when I get the
> following error:
> . . . 
> Populating `/usr/local/netbsd/obj-rpi/releasedir/evbarm/binary/gzimg/armv7.img'
> Image `/usr/local/netbsd/obj-rpi/releasedir/evbarm/binary/gzimg/armv7.img' complete
> === Populating ffs filesystem ===
> nbmakefs: unknown user `postgres'
> nbmakefs: failed at line 7774 of the specification
> *** [smp_armv7] Error code 1
> 	What is the process using for the specification?  
> Yes, the user postgres exists on the host system, but why is that getting
> picked up for the target build?
> Any ideas on how to get more information or just solve the issue?  I see
> similar issues in the past, but most of them predate the script
> and there's nothing obvious in the BUILDING or UPDATING files that I
> noticed.
> -thanks
> -Brian

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