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Re: help for OpenSSL update needed

Thus wrote Rin Okuyama (

> On 2016/10/09 6:29, S.P.Zeidler wrote:
> >I still need verifications from non-x86 :)
> I tried it on powerpc boxes. Since build fails with your original patch,
> I added some corrections. Please find the attached notes and patch. With
> my patch, all 29 tests (MKCRYPTO_RC5=yes) in /usr/tests/crypto/libcrypto
> passed both on Freescale MPC8544E and IBM 405GPr.

Thank you, much appreciated, especially the AES asm fixes. :)

I added your patch (with two modifications, see below) plus fixes that
make i386 and sparc* compile (and fix i386, which is tested) into my
changes and created a new diff from it:

> (1) Makefile (

transferred into the Makefile; less pretty, but keeping style with the other

> - Both sha512-ppc.S and sha256-ppc.S (sha512p8-ppc.S and sha256p8-ppc.S)
>   are generated from ( The kind of output
>   file is determined by its name (including 512 or not).

I created and added them, but modified not to use them since
we have sha??? in libc and we're supposed to use these. Instead I enabled
sha1 asm, which has been tested by Robert Swindells (also thanks) in the


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