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help for OpenSSL update needed

Dear all,

I've prepared a OpenSSL 1.0.2j import for current, but have a few things
to resolve that I need help with:

- the new sha1 asm for x86_64 doesn't work, it throws illegal instruction
  in SHA1_Update and that impacts quite a few crypto mechanisms.
  We can skip asm sha1 for now, but this has a bit of a speed impact
  (see Someone skilled
  in amd64 ASM to the fore?
- given the above, the other archs using asm bits should probably
  be checked as well before it's "so sorry, updating your system has
  just become a) necessary b) hard".

Archs using asm bits for libcrypto, and those having changed are:
i386 powerpc sparc sparc64 x86_64

I can check i386 myself, if people with -current on the other archs
could please build a tree with:
thrown on it, install it in a chroot and run tests in
/usr/tests/crypto/libcrypto (and tell us if it succeeded or where
it failed).


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