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Re: help for OpenSSL update needed

On 2016/10/09 6:29, S.P.Zeidler wrote:
I still need verifications from non-x86 :)

I tried it on powerpc boxes. Since build fails with your original patch,
I added some corrections. Please find the attached notes and patch. With
my patch, all 29 tests (MKCRYPTO_RC5=yes) in /usr/tests/crypto/libcrypto
passed both on Freescale MPC8544E and IBM 405GPr.


PATCH FOR crypto/external/bsd/openssl/lib/libcrypto/arch/powerpc

This patch adds the glue for newly added assembler codes, and also codes
that are present in 1.0.1 but their glue is missing. In addition, it
appeases assembler errors, and so on.

(1) Makefile (

- ppc64-mont.S is necessary even for 32-bit environments.

- Both sha512-ppc.S and sha256-ppc.S (sha512p8-ppc.S and sha256p8-ppc.S)
  are generated from ( The kind of output
  file is determined by its name (including 512 or not).

- Replace some instructions to avoid "invalid conditional option" errors
  from as(1). Rules for the replacement are derived from here:

- Separate shell script from Makefile as

(2) (aesp8-ppc.S, vpaes-ppc.S)

- Add aes-ppc.S, aesp8-ppc.S, and vpaes-ppc.S to AES_SRCS, together with

- Regen aesp8-ppc.S and vpaes-ppc.S.

(3) (ppc-mont.S, ppc64-mont.S)

- Add ppc-mont.S and ppc64-mont.S to BN_SRCS, -DOPENSSL_BN_ASM_MONT to

- Regen ppc-mont.S and generate ppc64-mont.S.


- Add ghashp8-ppc.S to MODES_SRCS.

(5) (sha512-ppc.S, sha512p8-ppc.S, sha256-ppc.S, sha256p8-ppc.S)

- Add sha{512,256}{,p8}-ppc.S to SHA_SRCS.

- Note on sha1-ppc.S, which is not currently used anywhere.

- Regen sha512{,p8}-ppc.S and generate sha256{,p8}-ppc.S.

Attachment: openssl-1.0.2j-ppc.patch.xz
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