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Re: local builds break "devel/gobject-introspection" et al.

On Tue, 2 Aug 2016, John D. Baker wrote:

> Update the host OS from later TNF snapshots.  Go back and rebuild each
> of the above packages.  This should succeed.

For what it's worth, my i386 local-disk test system, which has only been
running TNF snapshots, spontaneously failed building "gstreamer1" in the
manner reported in pkg/51266.  See the PR for gdb backtraces of the
python2.7.core.  The "Gst-1.0.core" also present has no matching binary.
It was a JIT-generated tool in a temporary directory that was removed
as soon as it terminated.

The test system now fails to build all previously-mentioned problem

Fortunately, I'd just finished building my usual complement of packages
(except libreoffice, which is blocked by pkg/51221).  I attempted it
anyway and got the failure noted in the PR.  I know it sounds ridiculous,
but I wonder if that somehow triggered the problem with the other

I never had any of these troubles before the update to GCC 5.4.  I'm
pretty sure I didn't have trouble with the brief period that -current
used GCC 5.3 and I definitely didn't when it was still running GCC 4.8.5.

Meanwhile, my amd64 test system, running semi-diskless with a TNF snapshot
build, continues building packages without problems so far.

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