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local builds break "devel/gobject-introspection" et al.

I've been beating my head against the wall that is pkg/51266 trying to
figure out what's broken for me but apparently no-one else.

I seem to have hit upon a pattern, sort of:

Start with the host OS installed from a TNF snapshot of -current for
either i386 or amd64 and no packages installed.

Build packages as desired such that the following are built and installed:


Following cleanup so none of the above packages' WRKSRC remain, go back
to each of the above packages and rebuild it with a simple 'make'.  This
should succeed.

Update the host OS from later TNF snapshots.  Go back and rebuild each
of the above packages.  This should succeed.

Build a -current release locally and update the test system with it.
Go back and attempt to build each of the above packages.  Each will
fail with a SIGSEGV during the "GISCAN" portions of the build phase.
They will leave behind core files for python2.7, usually, and typically
for some other tool for which no matching binary can be found.

Now, update the host OS from another TNF snapshot.  Go back and attempt
to rebuild the above packages.  They will all fail as in the preceeding

"I just don't know what went wrong!"

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