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Re: local builds break "devel/gobject-introspection" et al.

"John D. Baker" <> writes:

> I've been beating my head against the wall that is pkg/51266 trying to
> figure out what's broken for me but apparently no-one else.

A few random suggestions:

  Run sysutils/memtestplus.  You have two machines, so seems unlikely.
  But still, it's always good to do that every few months anyway.

  Do you have any kind of offloading on the NICs involved, on either nfs
  client or server?   If so, disable that.

  Get a disk and try this with a local filesystem.   So far that seems
  to be the big difference between what others report and what you are

  Make sure you run postinstall fix, to remove stale header files.

  you said 'everything rebuilt from scratch'.  Do you mean that after
  you installed the OS, you marked every package rebuild=yes and ran
  pkg_rr, or that you deleted all packages down to an empty /usr/pkg,
  and built fresh?

  Are you using ccache?  (If so, try without.)

  Enable debugging in pkgsrc, so that you can run the offending programs
  under gdb and figure out what is actually wrong.  This is hard, but I
  think it's probably going to be necessary.

The following is adpated from experience under 5 and 6, where we built
the entire base system and packages with -g and unstripped. Yes, it was
all twice as big, but it was really nice to just run gdb on whatever
ailed us and have it work.

I think putting this in mk.conf should build with debugging:

CFLAGS+=		-ggdb
CXXFLAGS+=		-ggdb

I think (but am less sure) putting this in mk.conf (and maybe pointing to it) will build a base system with debug libs.

DBG=			-g

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