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Re: amd64-7.99.29 - Another kernel panic - ffs?

On 29/05/2016 17:43, Robert Swindells wrote:
> One thing that could help would be if you could make an image of the
> CF card after the panic has happened.
> The filesystem that you were creating is probably a fair bit smaller
> than the ones where other people had the same problem.

Ok, I took the build that I generated yesterday evening & attempted an
install on my CF card on the Jornada720 without repartitioning, all the
sets except src & X11 which were skipped installed without issue & the
system came up fine.
I re-attempted the install process but this time I deleted the existing
NetBSD partition & recreated it on the Jornada. On this occasion, the
system panicked as soon as the install process began on trying to
extract kern-JORNADA720.tgz with:
fs_init_vnode: dup alloc
Stopped in pid 138.1 (tar) at c00492cc: mov pc, r14

If I break the process down into two, everything appears to be working
fine. That is, boot off the install kernel, repartition & newfs, abort
install & reboot. On subsequent boot don't repartition / newfs.
Installation is in progress as I type this email.....

I've uploaded a dd image of the CF file after the panic


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