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Re: amd64-7.99.29 - Another kernel panic - ffs?

On Sun, 29 May 2016, Robert Swindells wrote:

Paul Goyette <> wrote:
Well, today I just had another crash, this time in ffs_newvnode().  The
traceback (manually transcribed) is:


Was the panic message "ffs_init_vnode: dup alloc" ?

I missed copying down the panic message, but the backtrace seems to think we were in the printf() calls leading up to that panic message.

I had this on a filesystem a couple of months ago, I was using wapbl
but didn't have QUOTA or QUOTA2 in the kernel, I confess I just copied
everything off and ran newfs(8) on it.

Well the only thing that seems to have been trashed is one subdirectory which was being cvs updated, and that is easily recovered. So, no loss of data, just the inconvenience of having to reboot and clean up.

There has also been a fairly recent report of it happening when
installing NetBSD/hpcarm [1].


Hmmm. Sevan opened PR port-hpcarm/50840 but perhaps we should recategorize the PR?

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