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amd64-7.99.29 - Another kernel panic - ffs?

A week or so ago, I reported a kernel panic in the uvm subsystem, which I'd never seen before, and apparently noone else has seen it, either. [1]

Well, today I just had another crash, this time in ffs_newvnode(). The traceback (manually transcribed) is:

	vpanic + 0x140
	ffs_newvnode + 0x402
	vcache_new + 0x9e
	ufs_make_inode + 0x38
	ufs_create + 0x52
	VOP_CREATE + 0x3d
	vn_open + 0x351
	do_open + 0x112
	do_sys_openat + 0x68
	sys_open + 0x24
	syscall + 0x15b

Theonly thing that was going on at that time was a cvs update - I had just sent an Email seconds earlier.

A couple of items to note:

1. This is with WAPBL, QUOTA, and QUOTA2 all enabled.  All file systems
   have wapbl enabled, but there are no quotas being enforced.
2. Both ffs and wapbl are modular, and loaded at boot time via /boot.cfg

FWIW, it seems that my USB keyboard is currently non-functional in gdb. I think this is a consequence of the recent nick-nhusb merge, and Nick is looking into it.


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