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Re: Sysbuilld cron under -current amd64

On 26 January 2014 22:38, Christos Zoulas <> wrote:
> In article 
> <>,
> Chavdar Ivanov  <> wrote:
>>(newbie alert...)
>>I build -current amd64 and i386 using sysbuild overnight. This used to
>>work (modulo the usual temporary breaks, of course), but has been
>>failing lately with:
>>--sysroot=/home/sysbuild/Sysbuild/amd64/destdir     -o rain  rain.o
>>path-link,/home/sysbuild/Sysbuild/amd64/destdir/lib  -L=/lib -lcurses 
>>sh: Cannot vfork
>>*** [rain] Error code 2
>>nbmake[7]: stopped in /home/sysbuild/src/games/rain
>>1 error
>>If I manually run the exact cron command as the sysbuild user:
>> /usr/pkg/bin/sysbuild4cron -l "${HOME}/log" -- build
>>it runs OK (again. modulo the usual breaks), so it looks like a
>>resource constraint when running under cron, which I can't figure out
>>(or,, more likely, am lazy to locate the FM to read it...).
>>The system is Xen guest with six cores and about 1.2GB memory, NJOBS
>>is set to 12.
> I added some more info in the error message.

I see the changes; I ran the build manually OK just before them; the
cron-started run had only these two files modified, ran OK to the end.
Hopefully one of the next builds will show up - I'll update the
machine now to get the modified shell.


> christos


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