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Sysbuilld cron under -current amd64

(newbie alert...)


I build -current amd64 and i386 using sysbuild overnight. This used to
work (modulo the usual temporary breaks, of course), but has been
failing lately with:
--sysroot=/home/sysbuild/Sysbuild/amd64/destdir     -o rain  rain.o
path-link,/home/sysbuild/Sysbuild/amd64/destdir/lib  -L=/lib -lcurses -lterminfo
sh: Cannot vfork
*** [rain] Error code 2
nbmake[7]: stopped in /home/sysbuild/src/games/rain
1 error

If I manually run the exact cron command as the sysbuild user:

 /usr/pkg/bin/sysbuild4cron -l "${HOME}/log" -- build

it runs OK (again. modulo the usual breaks), so it looks like a
resource constraint when running under cron, which I can't figure out
(or,, more likely, am lazy to locate the FM to read it...).

The system is Xen guest with six cores and about 1.2GB memory, NJOBS
is set to 12.

Chavdar Ivanov


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