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Re: NetBSD-HEAD amd64 refuses to build

> Thomas Mueller wrote:
> > Where do I get a serial console, and how do I connect it to a
> > computer when there are no serial ports?

> My suggestion would be not to bother with the serial console, but
> instead take a picture of the screen using a digital camera, type
> "bt" at the ddb prompt, take another picture, put the pictures in
> some public location on the web (e.g., flickr or dropbox), and
> file a problem report including the URLs of the pictures at

> Andreas Gustafsson,

I don't have a digital camera or smartphone.

Besides, a digital camera would lose all the messages that raced past on the 

I tried reboot 0x100 but couldn't find where the dump was.  I ran
ls -rtl in /media/zip0/var and subdirectories but couldn't find any messages 
from crash time.

This was from FreeBSD using mount point /media/zip0.

Regarding send-pr, I might be able to copy this shell script to FreeBSD, giving 
it a different name, like nbsend-pr or send-pr-netbsd, to avoid conflict with 
FreeBSd's send-pr.  I'd have to edit MAIL_AGENT and maybe some paths in the 

But I figure to have very limited time for NetBSD in upcoming days and weeks.

FreeBSD 10.0-RELEASE is around the corner, and interesting things are happening 
with 10.0 and 11.0-HEAD amd64 and i386: much more promising than any NetBSD on 
my computer system.


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