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Re: NetBSD-HEAD amd64 refuses to build

> > > Just to ask the obvious: did you try without the -c, and if so, what
> > > happened?

> > Sure I tried without -c, went into the debugger prompt.
> At point in the boot process did you end up in the debugger? (What was
> on the screen?) Did a backtrace "bt" give any clues?
> Cheers,
> Patrick

Basically, I'm lost with the debugger, and the best I can do is type "reboot".

Is there any documentation?

But I don't think the debugger could really help me.

I remember in the boot process getting past athn0, so that was detected 
apparently satisfactorily.

I have packages built for amd64 but nothing that survives for NetBSD-current 
i386, and I don't want to restart from scratch building packages for amd64.

I remember building modular-xorg from pkgsrc, but startx failed on inability to 
find display.  This also happens with OpenBSD 5.4 Live USB from
which was supposed to have been already configured and ready to go.

There needs to be a way to single-step through the boot process; otherwise, 
boot messages whiz past too fast to be readable, and I still don't know any way 
to capture these messages to a file when boot falls short.


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