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Re: "debug mode" for config(1)

On Sat, 28 Dec 2013, John Nemeth wrote:

    Found in sys/conf/files:

# General-purpose crypto processing framework.
include "opencrypto/files.opencrypto"

And, of course, that file defines opencrypto.  From what I recall
opencrypto hasn't been optional for some time.


There are an awful lot of kernels out there (for non-x86 architectures) that do not have opencrypto. At least, they do not have criov.o which is listed in files.opencrypto:

file    opencrypto/criov.c              opencrypto

I've built hundreds of kernels for dozens of $MACHINES as part of my periodic search-for-broken-builds, and just searched the kernel build directories for criov.o ... Just as an example, for evbmips-el a ' release' creates 13 separate kernels, but only 3 of them have criov.o; for evbearm-el, 8 out of 58 kernels have criov.o, and for mac68k the numbers are 0 out of 4.

Certainly looks optional to me... :)

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