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Re: "debug mode" for config(1)

On Dec 28,  1:51pm, Paul Goyette wrote:
} Is there a "debug" mode available for config?
} I would like to know why a particular source file is being included in 
} my kernel.  :)
} The file in question is net/zlib.c and the only reference I can locate 
} for this file is in sys/conf/files
} file    net/zlib.c     (ppp & ppp_deflate) | opencrypto | vnd_compression
} As I understand the configuration syntax, this means that the file is 
} required when any of the other "conditions" are included in the kernel.

     Found in sys/conf/files:

# General-purpose crypto processing framework.
include "opencrypto/files.opencrypto"

And, of course, that file defines opencrypto.  From what I recall
opencrypto hasn't been optional for some time.

}-- End of excerpt from Paul Goyette

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